What is buyer regret? How to avoid it and beat the competition by wowing new clients

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What is buyer regret

When you buy a service rather than a product you lack one thing, physical evidence.

This often leads to buyer regret as they have nothing to show for it.

Unlike when you’re buying clothes you don’t have anything to prove what you have spent and can often feel deflated.

They might go on to think, that £400 could have bought me X,Y and Z…and you do not want that!

A great way to ensure your clients don’t feel this way is to provide them with some sort of physical evidence.

The best thing about this is most personal trainers don’t do this.

So not only are you solving a problem your clients have, you are blowing the competition out of the water.

There are several other benefits to this like; customer adherence, referral and retaining of clients.

So what can you provide?

Thank You Cards

I cannot remember the last time I got one of these. I have spent £1000s on Personal Trainers and other services and I have not once received a thank you card.

It really is the simple things in life that people appreciate.

Showing someone that you are grateful goes a long way, so set up a system to ensure all your clients get a thank you card when they sign up and a birthday card yearly, EVEN if they leave!

You can buy in bulk and have a book of stamps to hand or if you prefer to outsource you can get that done for you. You just have to provide a spreadsheet with the relevant details and it will all be taken care of for you. This will cost you more however, it is also something your VA could do for you.

I think hand written personal cards are the bare minimum a client should receive once they sign up to you.

Print T-shirts

Not only are you giving your client something useful they are also advertising you for free too!

Have some fun with it, put on a funny slogan or fitness tip and when the client gets asked, “Where did you get that T-shirt from?” You know you will have spread your business name a little further.

These don’t have to be just welcome gifts, they can be great gifts when your client reaches a milestone too. A different colour T-shirt depending on their level is quite cool.

Think about Karate belts, everyone wants to get the black belt, don’t they? Make them special and harder to obtain and you are on to a winner.

Water Bottles

Another useful tool that your client needs and more free advertising. I suggest you don’t go too cheap on these, it’s nice to be branded but if you really want to wow them a Brita filter bottle will do that. Many trainers will try and scrimp here, this is you showing your client you’re grateful they chose to work with you. What percentage is £10 of what you are charging your clients? Exactly!


Your client will carry this water around with them (hopefully) all the time, you could go one step further and give them a print out of the benefits of drinking water and some tactics for ensuring they get enough of it. The water bottle will be a constant reminder of you and a great way to start your relationship off together. You value them as a client and want them to get results, you’re providing them with the little bit extra that other personal trainers don’t – people remember that!

Print Offs

I would suggest having a range of handouts for a variety of frequent problems that your clients need to work on. This could be sleep, stress, gut health, habit tracking or even detailed information about macronutrients and food tracking.

Things that often come up and will be useful to your client. After your consultation, you will be fully aware of which help sheets will be applicable to them and when they start you can have them ready for them, or you could go one step further and send them in the post…

Welcome pack with binder

This is somewhere your client can keep all their achievements and can see how far they have come. You could add a little bit of information about you as a trainer and what you believe in. They can keep the help sheets (mentioned above) in there. It would also be a great place to keep goal sheets and accountability progress (measurements, fitness tests etc.) to keep a record off. Some clients may not like My Fitness Pal so they can hand write their food journal for you to check in on every now and again.

You can put these together fairly cheaply and really make them look good. Just putting a sheet with a logo, border and name on the outer folder as a front cover will look great, you can even personalise it to the client if you like. Its up to you if you prefer A4 or A5 or you can make give the client a choice?

This would be a great task to outsource once the first pack has been put together. You could have a tick sheet to give your VA to make up with the relevant help sheets inside and to get it sent directly to the client for you.

Recipe Books/Cards

Most people love food! That’s probably why they need a Personal Trainer, their love of food outweighs (pun intended) their love of exercise.

We often get stuck in ruts of what we eat each week. As part of your welcome pack you can supply a range of recipes for your client to try. You could provide a complete recipe pack (covering all types of meals) or you could provide a smaller pack dependant on their needs, say they struggle with breakfasts, meals on the go or what to cook in the evenings. You are providing a solution to their exact problem, proving you listen to your clients.

You could go on to give them a weekly or monthly recipe pack to keep them interested. You can easily put together branded recipe packs here at Fitpro Client Recipes

Here is an example

Here is an example

Meal Planner

Would you like high-end clients? Well, that means you need to offer high-end services! So you could provide recipes with a bespoke meal plan aimed at your client’s goals which also takes into account their lifestyle, likes and dislikes.

This is a great way to wow your client and go the extra mile. Or perhaps your client isn’t ready to start training with you just yet, this might be a good place to start with. You know how popular slimming groups are and this is a way to serve the clients that are interested in taking care of their nutrition first.

Again you can get some white label meal plans done for you, you basically give the client the link to your individual questionnaire once they have paid, this information then goes to the nutrition team and they send you the completed meal plan with recipes (all branded to you) you check and send on to your client. Find out more HERE >>

Sound good right?

Remember you’re a business. When customers have the whole world at their fingertips and they choose you to work with, make sure you show them how grateful you are.

Get organised put systems in place for onboarding clients so that you know where your client is in their journey and what their next step is.

Comment below with what physical evidence you provide your client with or if you don’t which one you are going to put together for them.

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