This PT Has Enjoyed A Decade Of Steady Income… What Could Business Mentoring Do For Her?

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After 10 years in business, fitpro Joanna Regardsoe is a success story. Yet she decided to invest time and money in business mentoring. Surprised?

The fitness industry is one tough business.

Joanna Regardsoe

Many fitpros don’t make it past the first year. You might think that any fitpro making a comfortable living after 10 years would have it all sorted.

Discover why the smartest established PTs understand the value of investing in support.

Joanna Regards has a decade of successful PT business under her belt. She’s mastered 1-2-1 PT, small group training, and teaching community classes. So why, 10 years in, did she decide to invest time, money, and effort in business coaching?

“I’ve always had a really good retention rate,” said Joanna. “Most of my clients have stayed with me as my fitness business has grown. But the fitness industry is evolving. I knew I needed a better business model than swapping my time – and energy – for cash. I wanted better work/life balance. And I knew I would get there a lot quicker with expert help and support.”

Joanna joined Fitness Profit Ladder to accelerate her success as she moved to online coaching

Burned By Mentoring In The Past. So Why Trust Fitness Profit Ladder?

“I actually met Karen about 5 years ago when we had the same business mentor,” she recalled. “Even though the mentoring experience wasn’t great, Karen and I struck up a friendship. I lost a significant chunk of money on that mentoring experience. But I always knew Karen would make a great mentor. We stayed in touch over the years, and I’ve seen first hand what she’s achieved. I trust her judgement.”
When Joanna was ready to work with a business mentor again, she approached Karen.

“I knew my community approach to Personal Training was limiting,” said Joanna. “I wanted to offer clients so much more. Through Fitness Profit Ladder, Karen helped me narrow my focus on a new business model. I’m now clear on my goals, and have a structured plan in place. Karen’s mentoring approach helps PTs take realistic steps every day without burning out. I need to have that constant push.”

Joanna’s short-term goal is to have her own facility, and to make better use of her hours. So two Fitness Profit Ladder members offered to jump on a call to share their experiences about opening a fitness facility. This style of open sharing and friendly support is common in the Fitness Profit Ladder community.

Overcoming Overwhelm

Like many fitpros, Joanna has a great instinct for her own business. She knows what to do. But her danger zones are procrastination and overwhelm. Fitness Profit Ladder gives her the daily motivation and support to keep moving forward.

“I’m my own worst enemy,” Joanna admitted. “I can fall into the trap of comparing myself to other people. Being part of the online Fitness Profit Ladder group is an amazing antidote. The group is so open and supportive. It’s reassuring to see that so many other fitpros suffer from the same issues. We help each other tackle problems head on.”

  • Have you worked with business mentors in the past?
  • Spent money on marketing books (which you haven’t read)?
  • Had your fingers burned by group mentoring systems?

Joanna’s story shows there’s a decent fitness business coach out there for everyone. Even if you’ve been in the industry for a decade.

Why does Joanna think Fitness Profit Ladder is different to the rest?

“I’ve seen how Karen has grown her business from scratch,” she said. “A lot of mentors don’t have that proof to back up their claims. Karen is legit. She’s realistic about herself – and she’ll be realistic with you, too.”
This isn’t a done-for-you system. But if you’re ready to get stuck into your fitness business, we will give you all the help you could ever want.

“Fitness Profit Ladder is about you doing the work,” said Joanna. “Karen makes that clear! There are no promises of magic, and no wishy-washy guru talk. It’s a sensible, realistic system which works if you do.”

Up Your Game With Face-To-Face Mentoring

After being a Fitness Profit Ladder member for a few months, Joanna booked her place on a members’ workshop. “We were taking action and getting it done! Implementing what I learned, there and then, helped me reach two massive goals.”

Within a fortnight, Joanna had sold out her 1-2-1 training and set up her online coaching business. Her revenue increased by 25%. And she credits it all to the one-day workshop, available to Fitness Profit Ladder members.

And progress hasn’t stopped there. Joanna is about to open her own facility.
“The key is to keep pushing forward,” she said. “Fitness Profit Ladder’s group support, plus Karen’s expertise, has made my plans fall into place.

“Some mentoring groups are about who is bigger, who is better, who is making the most money. There’s no competition here. Everyone is supportive and willing to help each other out. It’s central to how the group works.”

Here’s What Joanna Has Learned From Fitness Profit Ladder

  • I am capable of achieving more than I thought, in less time than I imagined
  • Implementing a few simple things every day bring about massive changes in your business
  • Common sense and solid information is key to lasting progress
  • Success spirals out from taking a few simple actions every day

“Being a Personal Trainer can be very lonely,” said Joanna. “You’re so tired at the end of each day, and feel like you haven’t spoken to anyone except clients. Being able to chat to other PTs in the Fitness Profit Ladder community is an amazing outlet. Even though I’ve been in the industry for 10 years, I learn something different every day in that group!

“Karen offers something different to other fitness business mentors. Her information and support is continuous. I’d gladly pay more with the revenue I’ve made in the few months I’ve been in Fitness Profit Ladder!”

Whether you’ve been business for 10 days or 10 years, we have support, friendship, and a ton of resources waiting for you. Click here to see what we do for our community.

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