Matt Southam’s Fitness Profit Ladder Journey!

This PT Was In His Safety Zone. We Supported Him As He Took The Leap…. Look At Him Now!

Personal Trainer Matt was comfortable. Secure. Employed at a local gym, on a salary, and taking home about £600 commission per month. What do you think happened when a business opportunity was put in front of him?

Earlier in his career, one of the PTs at his gym left to open his own facility. He asked Matt to join him. But Matt said no. All he could see were the risks, the potential failures. He had no support and nowhere to turn for business advice.

Over time, that “no” ate him up. Under the PT uniform, Matt was an entrepreneur. He wanted to help more clients, take control of his destiny, and make good money.

Here’s what happened when he found Fitness Profit Ladder (hint: things moved FAST!)

“I came across the free FB group,” said Matt, “and immediately felt like I’d found my tribe. Loads of focused, driven fitness professionals. Nobody who was happy to settle. Everyone wanted to run their own business, set up their own facility. It ignited that fire in me again.”

Changes Happened Quickly

Matt noticed the same fitpros, marketing experts, and business mentors posting in the free Fitness Profit Ladder group. He followed the best of them over to the VIP page. That’s when things started happening…

“It was gold dust,” he explained. “You’d laugh if you saw the amount of screenshots I’ve taken from that group! At last I was networking with professionals in the industry who’ve been there, done that, and gone through the same issues. I no longer felt scared to take action. I knew I could do it.”

Matt joined Fitness Profit Ladder in December 2014. In February 2015, he was ready to step out of his comfortable gym environment and open his own facility. He took the brave step of contacting that PT who had previously asked him to get on board. The thing that had seemed so out of reach was really happening.

“In the first four months of Fitness Profit Ladder, business sky-rocketed,” said Matt. “But that’s not the only change. My confidence was transformed. I learned how to approach clients properly for the first time. Within six months of joining FPL, I went from a safe job, to running my own business and facility.”

(Oh, and… a year later, he’s consistently having £6K months)

Like you, Matt had been through Personal Training qualifications. What was different about the education he gets at Fitness Profit Ladder?

“You go into Personal Training thinking you’ll get busy with clients and carry on from there,” he explained. “But it’s different when you’ve got an ambitious entrepreneurial mindset. What happens when you don’t have someone to learn from?”

Who’s helping you learn the TRUTH about running your own fitness business? Where do you find successful fitpros who have achieved what you want to do? Experts who know exactly what works? You’ll have immediate access to them at Fitness Profit Ladder.

“I started with one training group,” said Matt. “It sold out. I started more… and the same happened. Business was flying. Every step of the way, the guys in the FPL group gave me advice, feedback on my ideas, told me what had worked for them. I would never, ever have got this expert level of advice at the leisure centre I used to work at.”

Matt describes Fitness Profit Ladder as “the cream of the crop”.

“By joining FPL, I got access to the right people,” he said. “People with the attitude, ideas, and experience I needed. When the lifetime membership offer came out, I didn’t hesitate. These are my people. I want to be here for the rest of my career.”

Here’s what Matt WASN’T ever taught… and what he HAS learned with us

  • How to sell services and sessions in your own business
  • Real marketing strategies (beyond the business card!)
  • Exactly how to use social media to connect with clients
  • How to write and construct FB adverts
  • Strategies for sales, pitching, and dealing with objections
  • Monetising existing clients

Like most self-employed people, Andy has an entrepreneurial mind. He needs to see growth, or move on. Before he joined Profit Ladder, he admits that he was looking to move away from PT.

“I’ve actually gone back into my old leisure centre since joining FPL,” said Matt. “What an eye-opener! I can see tons of money just sitting there, untapped. So many people are coming through the doors. I know exactly how I’d monetise it all now! But it’s no longer my problem. I’m focusing on our facility and clients.”

Matt is now running a thriving 2,500 sq ft private facility, with open gym sessions, weekly bootcamps, semi private and 1-2-1 PT. He’s just bought out one of his business partners, and is looking forward to focusing more on the actions that will drive his brand forward.

“Almost everything we do at the facility is thanks to the FPL group,” he says. “From semi-private PT groups to our cookbook. I learned how to give real value to our clients.”

Matt’s five favourites from Fitness Profit Ladder

  • Pitching ideas to other people in the group and getting honest feedback
  • Sharing wins and struggles
  • Network within his own industry
  • Ditching the competitive mindset and the fear of being a fitpro
  • Enjoying sharing ideas, not being jealous of others

“I’ve made some great friends with FPL,” Matt said. “I have regular phone calls with some, and have gone up to meet others. The group has given me the confidence to realise that this industry isn’t about competition. There’s more than enough demand to go around. It’s better to help other fitpros.

“I’m constantly bringing things from FPL into my business. My business partners must think I’m in love with some of the people in the group because of the amount I bang on about it! FLP keeps my ideas fresher and gives me another perspective on business. It stops me feeling isolated.”

Matt told us that Fitness Profit Ladder is worth every penny. In fact, he regularly tells his own clients that he invests in his own coaching. If you’re ready to take the leap and want expert, real-life marketing support, come and join Matt and make your own friends within Fitness Profit Ladder.