How to Get Leads from the Gym Floor

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How to Get Leads from the Gym Floor

So you’re qualified and you have landed yourself a job but you have no idea how to get clients?

You have gym rent to pay and no idea where to start.

There are lots of tactics you can use to get leads from your gym floor which don’t require you to be a sleazy sales person.

I am not saying that these leads will convert straight away, however if you do nothing you definitely won’t have any clients.

Prize Draws

This is a great way to get leads as you are giving them a chance to win something that means they have to give you their contact details.

Make sure you ask them a question – probably something that relates to their dedication and pre-qualifies them as a lead.

Ensure you put a deadline and follow up with everyone even if they didn’t win.

Make a big deal of the winner so that people know there was a winner and means people will enter next time you run one.

Customer Service Feedback

This is a perfect way to build relationships with people. Asking them for feedback about the gym and the service they get is a great opportunity for you to put them on a plan that might be better suited to them and to learn what customers want.


It astonishes me when I go to gym that some trainers don’t so much as smile at clients never mind talk to them.

Going to the gym can be daunting for people, if you smile and make people feel comfortable – who do you think they will go to when they want extra support? The guy checking his phone out or admiring his biceps or the one that smiled as they walked in and said hi?

Build Relationships

Each week you will be able to see which people come in regularly and what they do. You could offer to give them a little bit of support every now and again. Offer to sport for them or if they are doing something wrong, say you have some time if they would like a demo to make sure they get the best out of the exercise. You are the expert so help them.


Having postcards with information and offers throughout the gym is a great way to get leads. People haven’t always got time to talk when they come into the gym so having postcards in gathering areas like the showers, toilets and water cooler will mean people can find out more about what’s going on.

Be sure to have your contact details on there with a clear CTA (call to action)

Helpful Hand-outs

Many gyms and Personal trainers don’t provide this, which really surprises me. Health and fitness is your passion so providing hand-outs which will help your clients get better results seems like a no brainer to me. They don’t have to be long and complicated. Just simple helpful tips which will demonstrate your expertise and help people. Your FAQ would be a good place to start. Then when someone mentions something, you can go all Blue Peter and say ‘ Here’s what I prepared earlier’ it will wow them and you only have to do the once…


Similar to hand-outs but a little more in-depth and allows you to get their email address. I would write 1-2 eBooks which are relevant to your ideal client and what you want to specialise in and offer them to people when they are signing in or out in exchange for their email.

Doesn’t have to be complicated. “Hey I have an eBook which which you may find helpful. Would you like me to email it to you? Have a clipboard handy for them to write them email address and name on

Volunteer to do Gym Inductions

If you can do every gym induction DO IT! You want to be the PT that every client goes to and the first person they think about when they are thinking about signing up for a PT programme.

Put up Posters

Like postcards but more of an advert for a specific event or programme. The ‘I am looking for 6 people who want to by get in touch today.

Make sure the poster is eye-catching and PLEASE get it proof read by someone else.


If you want to get know quite quickly this is the best way to go. Host a workshop or seminar that will help lots of people and you will be able to get in front of a lot of people at once. This could be about healthy eating, fat loss tricks, building a muscle whatever you are passionate about and know your ideal client would love. Obviously at the end have an upsell and offer something in exchange for their email if you don’t already have it.

If they don’t buy now that’s cool as long as you have their email to further build a relationship.


Don’t worry about what other people are doing and certainly don’t let a set back stop you.

You have to commit to consistently working to get new clients and building your expert status.

Not every person you meet or get as a lead will sign with you.

You need to have a thick skin, be the best coach you can be and make sure its you that people think about when they are READY to take the plunge.

I hope you found this blog useful. If so please share with your fit pro friends!

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