Work for a gym or go it alone?

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Work for a gym or go it alone?

Work for a gym or go it alone?

Not everyone is cut out to run their own business.

It takes a certain type of person to run a business.

There is nothing wrong with working for a gym and having a job.

Some look down on jobs as working in a gym there are more rules and regulations for you to follow. However, there are many pros to working in a gym too.

This blog will cover the pros and cons of working for yourself or working for someone else.


Having a job gives you more security, you are looked after and may even have a set salary. Whereas working for yourself you might not be able to guarantee yourself a wage each month.

With mortgages, bills and others being dependent on you in might be better to have a job at first.


Working in a gym will give you several bonuses, your taxes and national insurance is taken care of, you might have health care or a pension scheme and you usually get paid holiday.

Working for yourself you are responsible for paying your taxes and if you’re on holiday it usually means you’re not getting paid. However, there are other benefits like setting your working hours, having no one to answer and working with who you like.


Working in a gym will mean you have someone to answer to, usually a manager who will set you targets and will soon notice if you don’t show up for work.

Running your own business requires resilience and dedication. You have to be the driving force behind your business. There will be no one tapping their watch if you show up to work late or will be chasing you to get things done.


Working at a gym will mean you have a support network, you will be able to learn from others and being part of a team can be really rewarding. We all have different strengths and weaknesses and being a team member means you can help each other. If you are struggling with anything in particular, you will be able to ask for advice and guidance.

Running your own business can mean you don’t always have someone to turn to when times are tough. You can have an online support group like our VIP group where you can turn to if you need. However, if your printer breaks or your internet goes off we cannot help! Working at a gym these types of things will usually be sorted for you, working for yourself means that responsibility is for you to sort.


In the gym you will have less control over rules and regulations and you will not be able to set the marketing budget. Running your own business means you are on full control, you have to set your own rules and can put as much as you like on your own marketing.

In the gym you are really at their mercy as to how you can interact and contract members. A gym can also set your rent and this can maybe change so you can’t control, they may ask for set hours to work too.


In the gym you may have a set base wage and then once rent paid all your money is your own. This can be good and bad – in a way you have a fixed outgoing and once they’re converted it’s your money. In your own business, you will have more outgoings you will have to cover and you will have to set aside your tax money too. If you wanted to earn more you are in control and can work more or offer a deal to current clients of you should so wish.

The truth is, if you’re a good PT you should be able to earn pretty well. Once you learn to market yourself and put the hours in you’ll make good money. However, if you have a job and just show up you’re not going to be the top earner.


In the gym you will constantly be in front of people that may be interested in working with you. You have opportunities daily to speak to gym members and you will have other PTs that will recommend you if they’re full.

Working for yourself these opportunities may not be as forthcoming. You have to put yourself in front of people that might want to work with you. You have to create scenarios where you can build like, know and trust with people in the gym, just wearing the uniform will help your credibility and expert status.


Working at a gym they’re usually already established and are quite well known in your local area. Whereas starting your own business will take time and hard work to establish yourself. Networking, connecting with businesses, leaflets, blogging, social media, there is so much to do. Working in the gym they will usually have their own social media and will take care of the marketing, in your business you’ll have to do it all. Once you make more money you will be able to outsource some things which will give you some time back.

As you can see there are pros and cons to both, and there are benefits to both but in different ways. So it really boils down to you as a person and what you want.

Do you work at a gym and love it?

Or do you run your own place and would never look back?

Comment below with your favourite pro and your main con with what you do.

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