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Grow Your Business

There are three main ways to grow your business.

  • Getting New Clients
  • Getting Existing Clients to Spend More
  • Win Old Clients Back
  • This hack-sheet will give you some tactics to use in your business which if you use will ensure you get more clients, shave current clients spending more money and even get old clients back!

    So let’s start with tactics to get NEW CLIENTS

    • Daily Videos – short videos around 1.30minutes giving great tips to prospective clients
    • Advertising – if people don’t know about you how can they hire you!
    • Networking – the great thing about this is you are actually selling yourself to all the people in the room contacts’
    • Blogging – a great way to build like, know and trust
    • Guest Speaking – don’t have a massive following yet. A great way to build your expert status is to speak at other people’s events
    • Strategic Partners – teaming up with a partner who has a similar niche to you means you can grow your audience easily
    • Affiliateships – have brand ambassadors which sell your product for you
    • Webinars – an awesome way to build like know and trust and demonstrate why you’re the expert
    • 250 list – make a list of 250 people you know. Reach out to 1 everyday

    Here are some ways to get your EXISTING CLIENTS spend more

    • Upsell
    • Ecourses
    • Workshops
    • Retreats
    • Bundles
    • Conferences
    • SOS calls
    • Ad ons

    Winning OLD CLIENTS back

    • Feedback Analyst – finding out why your customers left means you can prevent in the future
    • Reaching out via Social Media
    • Text messages – keep in touch
    • Video messages – personalised videos are great
    • Emails – having a dedicated ex client email list will means you can provide good content with the odd sales pitch
    • Lumpy Mail – We used to get excited about receiving emails, now we get excited about receiving REAL mail! Give it a go!
    • Special occasions – send cards to your ex clients on birthdays or congratulate them on promotions etc.
    • Free events – invite ex clients to events with an upsell at the end
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