Group Interaction, Blog, Video, Email Ideas and Topics

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Group Interaction Blog Video Email Ideas and Topics

Been asked to get a list together of VIDEO, INTERACTION POSTS, BLOGS & EMAIL ideas – I got to 145…and then thought maybe you should do some work

1. Manic Monday – your plans for the week. Ask them to set their small goal. Check back on it.

2. Tempting Tuesday – a tasty mid-week treat, workout, cute idea

3. Working Wedneday – a book, film, tv recommendation & review.

4. Thrifty Thursday – money saving, sale bargains, insurance deals, savings etc

5. Flirty Friday – encourage posting selfies in favourite outfits

6. Stupid Saturday – family photos, pet photos, memes, quotes

7. Smart Sunday – community tips on health, food, money, travel whatever

8. Gossip magazines. Celebrity diets, beauty, break-ups stress

9. Sharing recipes -photos & how to encourage members to post theirs

10. Video of quick cooks

11. Success Stories

12. Member of the Week

13. Charity Month…all members nominate one, chose & run event to raise funds

14. Angel Award – members nominate friends & family for free membership award.

15. Relate your story/past with upbeat message & ask for theirs

16. Relate daily stresses & how you overcame them.

17. Review of an app

18. Pub/restaurant review

19. Best choice menu items from chain restaurants..this can run for weeks

20. Best choice lunches from stores eg M&S, Boots, Subway etc

21. Review of latest diets, products, exercise equipment

22. Tips eg top 5 reasons to drink water, top 3 ways to eat enough veg

23. Smash a myth

24. One workout movement of the day…video

25. Why people should invest in a pesonal trainer

26. What does a personal trainer actually do

27. Why are there so many ideas on nutrition

28. What is the best diet

29. What we mean by lean muscle

30. Why we say fat loss not weight loss

31. What are body weight exercises

32. Why women should lift weights

33. What is HITT

34. What is LISS

35. What is active rest

36. What is deload

37. What is meant by semi private training

38. How does semi-private training differ from group?

39. Why a cheat meal/day?

40. How many meals a day should I eat?

41. Why the obsession with protein

42. The confusion over fats

43. Is sugar addictive?

44. Why are we allowed so many eggs what about cholesterol ?

45. Do I have to lift weights?

46. Do I have to do aerobics & running?

47. I feel to tired too go to the gym

48. Why do I feel tired all day & wake up in the evening?

49. Do I have to give up meals out & nights out?

50. How do you manage at family occasions/social events?

51. What supplements should I take?

52. Should everyone take multi-vitamins?

53. Are post-workout whey smoothies necessary?

54. How can I involve the family?

55. My friends say I’m a gym bore & put pressure on me when we are out (food/drink)

56. Can you overtrain?

57. How do I reduce my stress?

58. How to get a better nights sleep

59. How to find time to workout

60. How to food shop cheaply

61. How to find time to exercise

62. How to manage money so can afford a PT

63. Does training on-line work?

64. Why will this work when no other diet has?

65. Slimming Clubs are £5 a week, why a PT is better?

66. Exercise for free – tips/workouts

67. Exercises that family can take part in

68. The benefits of walking

69. What is a portion of fruit & a portion of veg

70. I can’t stand salad & veg what can I eat

71. How do I deal with chocolate cravings?

72. What can I eat for breakfast?

73. Its too cold & dark for bootcamps/walking/running

74. I smoke too much for this

75. My back/knee/hips hurt when I….

76. Benefits of weight training in older people

77. Do I need to detox?

78. Can I use meal replacements for a quick kick start?

79. When loosing 1-2lb a week seems to slow

80. What to do when weight loss plateaus

81. How to know if you really have a slow metabolism

82. The facts behind organic food

83. Is tap water ok?

84. Why 2 litres of water daily

85. What’s wrong with coffee

86. Is it ok to drink diet drinks?

87. What to do if you don’t know how to cook

88. What to eat if too tired to cook

89. Solutions when the family won’t eat healthy meals

90. Why 10,000 steps a day & how?

91. What is Insanity? Does it work?

92. What is crossfit?

93. What is clean eating

94. What is the problem with gluten

95. Why slimming clubs rarely work long-term

96. How to enjoy weight training

97. What to do if you hate working out

98. How to overcome feeling intimidated in the gym

99. Best booty exercises

100. How to get rid of post-baby belly

101. Best way to tone bingo wings

102. Can you bench with implants

103. How soon after a normal birth can I do sit ups

104. Can I diet & breastfeed?

105. What is a reasonable amount to eat when pregnant?

106. Finding a good training partner.

107. A good total body workout in 20 mins

108 Kettlebells..why

109. Protein & vegetarians & vegans

110. How to choose a good pair of trainers

111 How to get a good fit on sports bras

112. Why personal trainers charge so much

113. How to get a 6-pack

114. How do I build muscle & gain weight

115. Do fat burners work?

116. What do steroids do?

117. What is the difference between yoga & pilates?

118. What is cortisol

119.What equipment in the gym should I use?

120. How do I know the right weights & amount of reps?

121. If I weight train, can I eat what I want?

122. Gossip magazines. Celebrity diets, beauty, break-ups stresswhatever

123. Savvy supermarket shopping

124. Client testimonials

125. Seasonal recipes

126. Packed lunch ideas

127. Kids snacks

128. A day in the life of …client profession story

129. Quiz on unusual foods, ingredients, body parts

130. Fill in blank. Caption competition.

131. Invite guest bloggers to post (and return by posting on their blogs)

132. Sell a product

133. Ask what product/service they would like

134. Common question & answer day

135. 30 minute ask the trainer slot

136. Publish your happiness notes, gratitudes & encourage others to do so

137. Review the month, season, year.

138. Stories & photos from your days in/at xxxx

139. Your beliefs re health & fitness

140. Your daily routine.

141. Make your own memes & quotes. Encourage others to make their own too.

142. Review of a local business.

143. Your family photos & a lesson they taught you. Ask group to do the same.

144. Talk about people’s hobbies.

145. Favourite song lyrics & why. Ask for theirs. Can post you tube stuff.

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