Getting Your Personality Across The Right Way Online

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Getting Your Personality Across The Righy Way Online

You have more that likely had an experience of miscommunication via online methods – whether it’s via email, social media messages or chatting online. The reason is that text communication is missing the verbal body language cues that in-person communication affords.

Interactive technology can often be deficient in allowing communication to occur without misunderstandings. You can avoid problems by understanding what your online communication is telling your customers, and how to fix it.

Use of Emojis

These will help you get the correct meaning of your message across. Today, even if it feels silly at first, it’s important to use smiley faces, frowns and so forth to help you get your point across. People tend to read tone into messages without knowing the tone that you really meant. If you’re unsure how you’re coming across to your audience, conduct a survey and ask them, or ask trusted friends to read over a few of your messages to see what they think.

Pictures Speak 1000 Words

What type of image does your profile image portray to people that don’t know you? Does your profile image or other images of you represent the type of personality you want people to see in you? If you’re not showing your face, or you have unprofessional pictures, people will see your personality differently than if you have a profile with an image of you smiling.

Type As You Would Speak

One way to ensure your virtual profile is in your personality is to use the right words. You may need to use more ‘flowery ‘ language than you would in person to help ensure the right impression comes across. When posting image how you would talk to your clients, what language you would use and how you would word it to them. You want to get your point across in a way that people will understand,so that there is no room for misinterpretation.

Use Videos

If you are not using videos to build like, know and trust with your clients, start today! This is the quickest way without being face to face to build a relationship with your audience. This is going to help them look into your eyes, see your expressions and learn more about you. However, remember that even with video there still are missing components to the communication puzzle that you would have in person. Make sure you give context to your videos and always end with a Call to Action.

Go Offline

The fact is, nothing can change the fact that the best communications and relationships are built in person. If you really want to take your online persona to the next level, take it offline. Start going to and participating in live in-person events and your audience will start understanding you better than ever before – even when you’re online.

Be Mindful

Whatever you post online is there for everyone to see. Once it has been seen it cannot be unseen and you can be held accountable for what you post online. So be sure to act online as you would in person. When posting think would you be happy for a close family member to read this?

Don’t Post Offending Content

Yes, it might be your ‘personal’ page but do you think that matters? You could be the best personal trainer in the world but if you are posting pictures that are inappropriate images and videos online people will be put off by it. I actually saw a personal trainer share an explicit video on their personal profile yesterday. They were sharing it as a joke but do you think that’s the best way for people to see you online?

Stop Trolling

Many personal trainers take it upon themselves to call other people out and to pull others down when they don’t go along with their ethos. The truth is there are MANY ways to skin a cat! Just don’t waste your precious time on fighting with other trainers. Make it your mission to serve your clients. You might think you are helping people but people just see you negatively.

Be True to You

Paul Mort is a classic example. He often swears, has spelling mistakes in most emails and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. His tribe loves him, he repels people that he would never work with. So being you is a great way to ensure you get the best clients and you have pre-screened some clients, as they will dislike your content. It isn’t important to get everyone to like you, it’s important to be liked for being YOU!

Share Personal Stories

People do care about people. It’s a fact. You will notice that different types of people will like different types of content. If you post baby pictures your parent pals will more than likely like them. By sharing your personal stories you will connect with your following and they will be able to relate to you further.

Be Consistent

Your social media presence should have the same personality throughout all your platforms. You have to respect the different types of content to publish but the message should be the same. This is a lot easier when you are being yourself.

Share Your Struggles

Nobody is perfect. Social media often shares the ‘highlights’ of people’s lives but they don’t always share the struggles and setbacks they had along the way. This gives off a false picture; if people just see your highlights they may believe that it came easily. Share your ups and downs, tell stories and relate them back to life experiences and what you learned from them. This will build a must stronger relationship with your audience and will give a complete picture of you.

It is important to be yourself online and not create yourself an alter ego, people will see right through that. Be consistent and think before you post. You want to be helpful, interesting and entertaining and most of all honest.

If you have any questions please just post them below.

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