How to Get Awesome Leads for Free

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How to get awesome leads for free

Getting new leads can seem like a daunting task, especially if you don’t have lots of money to spend.

Even then, you want to make sure you are not wasting your hard earned money on getting low-quality leads.

There are plenty of Guru’s selling their magic formula or blueprint to get you ‘guaranteed’ leads, which doesn’t help you much when it costs 100s if not 1000s of pounds and doesn’t even work!

So this is why I have put together an extensive list of ways you can generate TARGETED leads without spending a penny (unless you want to!)


Yes, these have been a little over done. However, they still get the job done! It is just harder to get someone to give you their email address nowadays.

You need to make sure that your eBook is specific, and it solves a problem that keeps your ideal client up at night.

This eBook doesn’t need to be like ‘War and Peace’ it needs to provide actionable advice, which gives the reader value.

An eBook can be put together in a few hours, get a graphic designer to brand it for you, send it in to or write it up in word, put your logo on and covert it to a PDF.

Do what you can with what you have, is better than doing nothing!


This is a great way to build relationships with your following and your clients.

Sharing your client’s wins, relevant news and information that is helpful to your followers as well as upcoming events, is a great way to provide value.

The awesome thing about making your clients the hero of the newsletter is, it means that they will share it too!

Whether printed or digital an newsletter is a simple way for generating leads, you can get people to ‘opt in’ to your list to ensure they don’t miss the next issue.

FOMO is a real thing; play on that to entice people to join your list.

Blogging/ Guest Blogging

This is probably one of my most successful lead generating tools.

I consistently blog and put out content that my followers will find useful and valuable.

The key with your blog is to ensure that it is optimised for leads, so you must have a lead capture form visible (above the fold), you should have a tracking pixel in place on your blog so that you can target people according to the blog they have read. I always boost my blog for 3-5 days each time I post.

I target people that have read my certain blogs with a relevant Facebook ad to get them to join my list. You can create an audience of Email list, that way you can exclude them in your retargeting campaigns so as to not waste money.

Guest blogging – I would suggest that everyone guest blogs as much as possible for anyone that will have them.

This is for complete newbies and veteran trainers, it’s not something to avoid because you are not being paid. Think about it this way, you are going to be able to put yourself in front of a TARGETED audience for free!

Obviously, have a CTA and your back links on the blog so readers know where to find you.

Block out time to consistently blog


Now I know not all of you are on Twitter, however it is a great place to get leads.

If you have set up an account and don’t know how to use it, do some basic research on Google and you will get the gist. Or you can join FPL and we have a training video on which teaches you the basics.

You can use the search box to interact with people that are looking for your services.

All you have to do is type in the search engine keywords your clients would write ‘I want to lose weight’ seems like a good place to start. I would also try ‘ I want to loose weight’ as people do often spell it wrong!

Remember Twitter isn’t just about broadcasting about you, you should connect with influencers and interact with your followers. Just 15 minutes per day will make all the difference.

If someone is looking to lose weight, do you think they are going to choose the person they have seen one ad for or the PT that they have been connecting with over Twitter?

Make it part of your daily routine to check in with followers and comment on your keyword searches.

Workshops / Seminars

This is a great way to get leads in your local area. You can host a healthy eating workshop or seminar and target people in your gym or connect with local businesses (or both!)

You can deliver your message to many people at once and you should convert some of them there and then!

For those that don’t convert you will have their email address so ensure you do email them and keep developing a relationship. They are still a lead; it can take up to 7 ‘touches’ to convert people.


Videos are a great way to build like, know and trust with people. People can see you and you can build your relationship quicker this way.

Ensure that your videos are fun and engaging and make it about them, not you!

There is a whole syndication that you should do with all your videos to ensure you get the best out of each video.

Simply put though, you should upload them to YouTube, use a headline that your ideal client would search for. You could use ‘How to Lose Weight’ or ‘How to Lose Belly Fat’ and then use annotations to get people to your website ASAP.

Also ensure you use the relevant tags and add one that is unique to you and your business (your business name would work well here).

You can also embed these videos into your blog and strip out the audio and upload as a Podcast.

It really is important to repurpose your content, more about that in another blog…


These are a great way to boost your expert status as well as your social media presence.

People love them, check out Precision Nutrition and see how they use infographics to give awesome value to their following.

You can create infographics yourself using or or you can get them made up quite cheaply using fiverr or you can get your graphic designer to put one together for you.

Just make sure your logo and URL are on it so people can go to your website to find out more.

These used to be one of the quickest and cheapest way to get leads, webinars are everywhere now so not as easy to convert people. It is also an issue as most people that sign up never show up.

However, they are still a useful tool for generating leads, as long as your webinar title is compelling you will get people to sign up and they will be on your email list.

Not having a recording is probably the best way to ensure that people show up. I would record it and just share with people that are on your membership site, so for those that miss it they can get to see it IF they sign up.

Charity Events

This is a great way to get free publicity as the charity will also share your event and its all for a good cause.

Make it the biggest and best thing you can, raise money and wow the people that sign up.

That way they will want to stay with you when the event is done.

You can do a one-off event or a longer one, it’s up to you.

Bootcamp events, weight loss challenges, activity tracking – there is so much you can do!


This is a tool that is often over looked by Personal Trainers, however if your clients work or are career focused they will more than likely be on here!

It doesn’t mean much extra work either, the blogs you write and post to your website – post them to LinkedIn too!

Your profile should be more of a sales page, showing your followers how you can solve their problems and I would even suggest offering a free opt-in on your page too.

Connect with 1 person a day and that’s 365 connections by the end of the year!

Email Marketing

If you are not currently building your list or you are not consistently emailing your list you need to have a word with yourself.

This is one of the most lucrative ways to convert your leads, using eBooks or a Video course you can get targeting people on your list.

Consistently emailing them and giving them value will mean that you will develop a relationship with them. Have content that you save just for your subscribers so there is an incentive to stay on your list.

Simple PDFs, Infographics and video courses that are just for them will make them feel special – just make sure it’s relevant and remember you do need to always have a
CTA(call to action) to buy.

Facebook Marketing

There are several ways you can use Facebook to get leads.

Being helpful in groups where your clients are is a great place to start, or having your own free group used to work well, it still can but I warn you it is hard work.

Using Facebook Live for workouts, giving advice, Q& A sessions and exercise demos are all great ways to get awesome leads. Ensure you ask questions and get people commenting, after the broadcast connect with the followers and remember to always send people to your website or freebie to get them on your Email list.

Spend 10-15 minutes per day commenting on prospects status’ and interacting with people that have commenting on your page.

Invite people that like your posts to like your page, and if they comment you can direct message them as the page, asking them if you can help them at all.

Of course there are Facebook ads, however you have to remember to play the long game. You cannot expect to just put up an ad and 100s of leads come flooding in.

Use Facebook ads to build relationships, boost your blogs, share testimonials, boost Videos and FB Live broadcasts which are doing well and they will soon convert to leads.


These are a fun way to get people to interact with your page. You can use various plugs-ins to create awesome quizzes for prospects to fill in and then give their email address for the results.

Some quick ideas you can use:

Are you addicted to sugar?

Have Nutrition-savvy are you?

How well do you know your body?

Which diet best suits you?

A great way to demonstrate your expertise and you can give people different answers depending on their score.

Next Steps

You now have 13 different ways to get leads, which are fairly simple and easy for you to figure out.

I suggest you pick 2-3 tops to run with. Do them consistently for at least 4 weeks and evaluate which lead generator is working best for you.

It is important to know where your leads are coming from so that you know where to put your efforts.

Once you are confident with the lead generations you have in place you can look to develop other avenues.

To only have 1-2 ways to generate leads would be a bad business decision. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter etc. they can be taken away from you in a heartbeat. So get them on your email list as quickly as you can.

Do you already use some of these tactics?

Which one(s) work best for you at the moment?

Are you looking to branch out to get some more leads using different techniques?

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