Thinking of Becoming a Gym Instructor?

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Thinking about becoming a Gym Instructor?

You enjoy fitness and are thinking about making your career. The first step would be to ascertain whether you are a good fit for both the industry and what the job entails. Just because you enjoy being fit and healthy, this doesn’t mean you will make a great fitness professional. The first step to working in the fitness industry is … Read More

What you Should Consider Before Launching a Bootcamp in your Local Area

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Bootcamp Bootcamp

Opening your own Bootcamp can be a great way to start your own business in the health and fitness industry. Once you have qualified there are many avenues you can go down. If you are a sociable person, who enjoys helping people get fit whilst having fun then a Bootcamp could be for you. So what now? You still need … Read More

5 Email Marketing Must Dos

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Email Marketing Must Dos

Everyone keeps telling you about Email marketing. Do you still have no idea where to start? Or have you been emailing for a while but aren’t getting results you expected and don’t know why? If these sound familiar, then keep reading! Here are 5 simple ‘must dos’ when it comes to email marketing which will help you increase your ROI … Read More

Financial Advisor Turned PT Spots A Shrewd Investment….

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PT Bjorn Dawson entered the industry from the banking world. When he joined Fitness Profit Ladder, it was because he knew it made solid business sense. He tells us how Fitness Profit Ladder saved him from the loneliness of a new entrepreneur. “Before I became a Personal Trainer, I worked for a multinational,” he says. “If you ever needed business ... Read More

Wilde Performance Knows What Will Grow Your Business Into Something Awesome

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(Spoiler: it’s all here, but are you doing what Cliff did?)Cliff and Marta have grown Wilde Performance into a £250,000+ business. Since 2013, they’ve used several business and marketing mentors. What was different about working 1-2-1 with Karen from Fitness Profit Ladder? “We had been working with couple of mentors, but business wasn’t going it the direction we’d hoped,” said ... Read More

8 Smartphone Tips to Improve Productivity

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8 Smartphone Tips To Improve Productivity

So you can use your phone to make money & not to waste time Does your phone dominate your life? Mine does. I feel a huge amount of responsibility to answer my clients’ questions as soon as they post them which means I am often ignoring family & friends. It’s no joke when you are first setting up a business … Read More

The Obvious Starting Point to a Successful Business

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The Obvious Starting Point to a Successful Business

The Gurus Don’t Tell You Because You’re Worth More Money to Them as a Wishpreneur New Year is a time where we traditional make resolutions. Most of us survive less than two weeks on our intentions partly because we do not set realistic goals, have strategies we commit to using or even have a timeframe in mind. “Unless commitment is … Read More