What Every Personal Trainer Needs To Remember

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What Every Personal Trainer Needs to Remmeber

Being a Personal Trainer is not an easy job. Many think it’s all about looking good and messing around in a gym or outdoors all day.

They don’t see the countless messages you get day and night.

They don’t see the research and the hours you pour into marketing your business and putting out great content.

We can get complacent though, it happens without us realising.

So this blog is about reminding PTs how to keep it real and get ahead.

It’s Not About You

Whether you have had an awful day or you’ve received bad news you should not let that affect your client.

I do appreciate PTs are humans too so bear with me. However, imagine you went out for dinner and the waiter/waitress had a bad attitude or seemed really down when serving you?! You wouldn’t be impressed would you?

PTs are there for the clients and you have to come to each session on your best form. Whether it be your 5am client or your 9pm client.

If a clients has given notice on their contract or doesn’t renew with you, its not personal. This is one of the harder parts of being a PT as you are the business in many ways so you do take it personally.

There are 101 reasons why a client could have left you and more often than not it’s an outside influence that’s nothing to do with you.

Life CAN Get In The Way

Deadlines at work and family stresses will affect your client’s commitment to their health.

Yes we all know that in times of stress eating well and working out are probably even more important. However, coming down on a client that is already under a lot of pressure will do more harm than good.

We know that there are some ‘short cuts’ they can take which can work in the short term to balance out their lack free time and sleep.

You could reduce their workout times focusing on HIIT sessions allowing your clients to blast some calories and reduce stress in just 20 minutes.

Having a meal delivery service will help at times of high stress. It could be a certain time of year, which your client will always work longer hours and mean your client is surviving on coffee and sugar to see them through.

How great would it be if you arranged this for your client? Sourced meals to be made for them and delivered to them! For a small fee of course…

It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Putting up a few social media statuses and the odd Facebook ad isn’t going to build you an online empire. You need to be consistent and build ‘like know and trust’ with your following.

If you put up a post with a massive discount for no apparent reason people will see right though it. PLUS do you really want clients that are just looking for a cheap deal?

The best way to build an online presence is to pick 1-2 social media platforms where your ideal clients hang out and GIVE – educate and inspire. Show them how good you are and what you achieve for your clients.

Don’t be THAT PT

You know the one I mean. The one that makes it their mission to pull other people down and ‘out’ other PT’s or businesses. Whether you agree with someone’s approach or protocols it never really reflects well on the whistle blower.

You can disagree with a statement of view without getting personal, ranting or slating another.

Make it your mission to educate your clients so that they understand the reasoning behind it. By ranting or talking badly about another business, who are you serving? I promise it isn’t your clients.

Concentrate on being the best at what you do and you will go far.

People Will Always Ask for Free Advice

I hate to break it to you. However, it’s the truth. Everything you know can easily be found on the Internet. So there is pretty much no reason to be precious about sharing your best stuff.

Many PTs feel by giving too much away they won’t get paying clients. A client doesn’t buy into the information you have, they buy into YOU. They like you, your message and how you deliver it.

The general population knows they need to eat less and move more to lose weight (in general terms). What they need is to have support and accountability from someone they respect and trust. That person is you!

Meet The Client Where They Are

No I don’t mean you go to their house! I mean understand and appreciate their current situation. Changing everything overnight will only overwhelm them and then mean they probably go off track in a big way.

Say they are currently eating a dessert daily. Instead of telling them to give them up, ask could they reduce that to every other day for now? That will definitely be less daunting than giving them up all together right?

It is a small difference that will make an impact without overwhelming them. Overhauling everything all at once can set them up to fail so be mindful that they have probably been living with these bad habits for some years.

Small changes can make a difference and the easier it is worked in and made into a habit the more likely it is to stay.

You Have The Curse Of Knowledge

What we mean by this is, just because something is common sense to you, doesn’t mean it is for your client. That is what its great to have a FAQ section on your website (TIP: Have a Facebook Tracking pixel on this page to track interested clients) so you can send people to that what to know more about your services.

It is also a good idea to do some video demonstrations for your new clients. It means you only have to do it once and you can use it to serve many people. If you answer the FAQ that most new clients ask it means you save time and you are going the extra mile for your client.

This could be part of your welcome pack too. You could give new clients a video demonstration of how to use My Fitness Pal and/or how to take accurate body measurements.

Listen To Your Client

I don’t mean to be condescending here, but I am sure we have all been guilty of this. We ask our client how their week has gone and when they basically tell us it was a complete write-off and we switch off.

We ask why it is and they explain but we have tuned out, we just put it down to their lack of commitment. However if you keep asking why and digging deeper you will get to the root cause of the problem.

Yes there may have been a party, a work function, a bad day at work or whatever, but if their head is in the right place, none of this would matter!

If they are struggling with a macro based diet so they are just eating whatever they want. You could suggest going back to basics and focusing on eating real food and get down to macros later.

Take Away Points

In this blog I have covered several aspects on Personal Training and what as Personal Trainers should try and remember.

It is easy to get stuck into the everyday grind and forget the basics, but the basics are what are most important.

No house can be built on rocky foundations right? It might work short term but it will soon come crashing down.

You are passionate about Personal Training and building your business.

I want to help you grow your business and serve more people.

If you found this blog useful, please pass it along to your Personal Training friends.

If you have anything you would like us to cover please feel free to PM or email us at hello@fitnessprofitladder.com

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