Ethical Bribe Ideas To Capture Emails

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ETHICAL BRIBE LIST – In return for emails. Free Downloads you can make to advertise & grown lists.

You will need an advertising budget, an avatar, a custom audience list, good advert copy, a squeeze page & email capture (mailchimp, aweber, infusionsoft) & some evergreen emails ready to go.

1. Top ten restaurant meals that won’t ruin your diet in 2015 – get on-line & look at chain restaurant menus, select restaurants & their top item in your opinion

2. Best choice lunches from stores eg M&S, Boots, Subway etc – as number one but this time you will have to walk around subway etc, but you do get to take your own photo.

3. Review of latest (2015) diet books. The pros & cons list. This will take some time.

4. A weekly diet planner with example meals & accompanying recipes.

5. Top winter supplements & health guide. Tips on how to fight off colds & bugs.

6. 10 Exercise myths smashed. Quick & easy to scan. Spend time on nice design.

7. 10 Diet myths smashed. Again quick & easy to scan.

8. A 20 minute legs & bums at home workout video – make it. Do the whole damn thing, be Jane Fonda, talk to the camera, smile.

9. A 20 minute total body circuit video, as above.

10. A planner from couch potato to 5km runner. Set out a 3 month plan so they can build from walking, to running to 5km.

11. A video series, one exercise a day sent out by email for a week. PDF download of all of them as the bribe.

12. Review of the chain gyms 2015. Pros & cons. Best choice award goes to? think value, equipment, facilities, classes…use a star system.

13. Your top ten dieting tips. Again make it easy to scan & a cool design.

14. 10 minute HITT workout. Video. Do your Jane Fonda

15. 10 Ways to Exercise more while walking your dog. Top toning tips that can take place during the usual dog walk. It exercises, accompanying PDF to demonstrate how to do them.

16. 10 Family activities that are free, fun & good exercise. If you are looking for local off-line work, take time to check these out & put the town/city name as part of the guide title. Again a star system/rating would be super cool.

17. 10 slow cooker recipes that families love & are healthy. Choose a good range, meat, fish, vegetable, desert, overnight breakfast etc.

18. 10 Smoothies to Kick Start the 2015 diet. Try to keep it to everyday ingredients & not too expensive.

19. Top 10 sources of protein & a recipe to match. If your avatar is family mum do big old stews & cheap sources. Young lads stir-fries…yes I know some lads cook etc…hit stereotypes for ease.

20. Five reasons to use coconut oil & accompanying recipes.

21. Best Egg Recipes Ever & a weekly diet planner.

22. 10 ways to eat potato that won’t make you fat & recipes & weekly planner filled in for them.

23. Top 10 Group Classes available in Gyms & the best award goes to? Another review & star system on fat burning, fun, fitness etc.

24. Top 10 Ways to Reduce Stress – quick & scanable & realistic.

25. Top 10 Ways to Sleep before re design, easy to read etc

26. Top 10 Tips to get more active & not notice it – usual stuff take the stairs, park further away, walk to local shop, get on the swings & be a big kid in playgrounds etc

27. Top 10 Good Food Buys to Budget Better – get into a cheap supermarket, note the prices & do the list.

28. Whey protein review. The best tasting in the chocolate, vanilla & strawberry category & where to buy them – for the hardcore gym user & only if you can get loads of different sample to try.

29. Best Protein Bar Review. Which brand & where to buy them as with whey protein review.

30. Top 10 Healthy Packed Lunches that even kids will eat. Recipes baby!

31. 10 ways to spot overtraining & how to cut back. Different good if you are aiming at a bodybuilder/fitness model avatar.

32. 10 time saving techniques so you can find time to workout…my number one is getting your kids used to slavery

33. How to Plan & Achieve your diet goals in 2015 – tips list.

34. Top 10 vegetable recipes to get the whole family eating more greens.

35. Tips on dealing with chocolate cravings.

36. The good, the bad & the ugly of the dieting world another star review & why.

37. Tips on increasing water intake naturally.

38. Best choices from standard takeaways – Indian, Chinese, Pizza. Bit like the restaurant guides.
39. How to achieve 10,000 steps a day – top tips & planner.

40. Top questions to ask a personal trainer if you are thinking of using one, to spot the good from the bad.

41. Dos & Don’t tip food guide. Make it pretty & side-by-side.

42. Top Ways to Feel Confident in a Gym -tips sheet.

43. Top 10 Healthy Vegetarian Meals & recipes.

44. Review of latest trainers. The best value award goes to? Another review..great for newbies who find spending £90 on trainers daunting.

45. 10 mindset techniques to practice when dieting – another tips sheet.

46. Top 10 active family summer holiday guide – review. Another star rating based on value, activities, family fun, cost etc.

Hope some of these give you ideas & an unusual & maybe less staid bribe.

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