What you Should Consider Before Launching a Bootcamp in your Local Area

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Opening your own Bootcamp can be a great way to start your own business in the health and fitness industry.

Once you have qualified there are many avenues you can go down.

If you are a sociable person, who enjoys helping people get fit whilst having fun then a Bootcamp could be for you.

So what now?

You still need to do a little bit more homework before you get started?

Is there enough interest?

Are the local residents interested in a Bootcamp in your area? If you are based in a retired village in the middle of nowhere, then probably not!

So first you need to gauge interest. You could do this by asking your Facebook friends, posting in local groups, asking around your community and just getting the word out there.

Who’s your competition?

You need to know who else is offering a Bootcamp in your area. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t launch one! You just want to know how you are going to overcome obstacles such as poaching of clients, how you stand out against them and make sure you are not offering the same thing.

There are many different kinds of Bootcamps, so find out which types are in your area and come up with a plan that’s different and how you will deal with any problems.

You can even build relationships with the other Bootcamps. There are plenty of people to go around that need both of your help!

Location, location, location

There are several reasons why this is important.

Firstly, this will determine a lot of other factors. The main one being cost. If it is a facility you will have to sign contracts, raise funds and produce a business plan.

If you are using the great outdoors you will need to get permission from the council to use it.

In both cases you will need to consider whether there is enough parking and take precautionary health and safety measures.

You will have to follow all rules and regulations and having the proper qualifications and insurance is a must.

What’s your Unique Selling Point (USP)?

It is crucial you have a USP, especially if there are other Bootcamps in the area. You need to know what that makes you different to ALL the other Bootcamps. How are you different? Is it your offering? You could give added support to your bootcamp with a slimming group attached, with a weekly weigh in etc. You could even team up with these slimming groups if there are some already.

Who is your target market?

Perhaps its your niche that makes you stand out, perhaps your bootcamp is for teenagers, the older generation or for women that have just had a baby?

It’s really up to you and what you want to specialise in.

You must be clear about who you are serving and what problem you solve.

What are the best days and times?

You will never be able to keep everyone happy. People have different jobs, lifestyles and commitments.

However if your niche is ‘mums’ it wouldn’t be the best idea to offer the bootcamp sessions at 8.30am, before the school run.

The better you know your target market the easier this will be.

You can create a poll with a range of days and times and see which is the most popular.

How will you get new clients?

When you start a new business it takes time to build momentum. You need to be everywhere. Active on social media, leaflet dropping, posting in local Facebook groups, hanging out where your clients hang out and anything else you can think of to get in front of likely clients.

This might sound a lot but it really is necessary. You don’t want be hosting a bootcamp with you and the friend you dragged along!

There are lots of ways to advertise for free; some of which I have mentioned above.

Having an advertising budget would be advisable, spending X amount each month and as you get more clients increasing advertising spend. Where you advertise would be dependent on who you target market is, Facebook ads, Google ads, Gumtree, are just a few ideas.

Is the business scalable?

This might not be an issue for sometime, however if you set it up in a way its not scalable you will be stuck when things start to grow. You are better to consider this in advance.

Would you have other trainers run your sessions?

Is the idea to upsell Personal Training or meal plans?

What is the maximum number of people you would have in a session?

What other business can you connect with?

When you run a local business it is crucial to connect with other businesses. You don’t have to create affiliate or offering with all of them, but they are always good people to know and more importantly for them to know who you are!

Having a few businesses where you send clients each other’s way works well. You can offer free consultations for every client that spends over £75 at the hairdressers. It has to be mutually beneficial for the business as otherwise the business will not sell you.

Make it easy for them to refer people to you. This can be done easily by providing a clipboard and a form to fill out and you collect it weekly to then get in touch with clients.

What about an exchange of services? You could give your hairdresser free sessions in exchange for haircuts? Plus when they look fab and people ask what she is doing then she will rave about you!

What systems will you have in place?

Will it be old-fashioned pen and paper or an online scheduling programme?

You will need to track as an average, how long your clients stay with you and how much money they spend with you.

You need to know how often clients are attending and what results they are getting.

It is important to know this information to ensure retention rates are as low as possible. If clients tend to leave after 6 months then at the 5-month point you need to be reinvigorating them.

A referral scheme is also useful to get in ‘new blood’ and have your veterans look after them and receiving bonus for bringing them in.

What are your goals?

Without goals it is difficult to know whether you are on target and if you have nothing to aim for it can mean you do not achieve as much.

Do you have a monthly financial target you would like to hit?

How many new members do you want to get each month?

How much will you spend to get new clients in?

How will you measure your success?

Next Steps

Once you are clear about all the above you will easily be able to put together a plan to launch your bootcamp and then break it down into daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

Business is pretty simple, you look for people with a problem and you solve it for them.

People make it confusing, a bit like weight loss by trying to look for the next quick fix or sure thing.

The only sure thing with a business is you have to work hard and be consistent (much like weight loss)

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