Cliff And Marta Fitness Profit Ladder Journey

Wilde Performance Knows What Will “Grow Your Business Into Something Awesome”

(Spoiler: it’s all here, but are you doing what Cliff did?)

Cliff and Marta have grown Wilde Performance into a £250,000+ business. Since 2013, they’ve used several business and marketing mentors. What was different about working 1-2-1 with Karen from Fitness Profit Ladder?

Cliff And Marta

“We had been working with couple of mentors, but business wasn’t going it the direction we’d hoped,” said Cliff. “It had grown very quickly, but then levelled off. We asked Karen to mentor us 1-2-1 to get us out of a rut.”

Why Choose Us?

You might think all fitness industry marketing strategists are the same. They’re not. But don’t listen to me – let Cliff tell you. (And remember, this is a guy who has worked with several mentors, advisors, and marketing experts.)

“Honestly, I find a lot of marketers are very airy fairy and esoteric,” he admits. “They promise a lot, but it’s all illusive stuff. Karen is not like that! She’s extremely strategic in how she looks at things. She helped us build specific processes, and work these into our bigger vision for the business.”

During my initial consult with Cliff and Marta, we drilled down into the nuts and bolts of their marketing strategy. They agreed that they didn’t have a solid plan. They worked with me to develop more structure: who to message, how to optimise content, and how to move forward.

From their existing avatar, we got really specific: entrepreneurs, CEOs, and top-level execs.
And from a general message of “wellness”, we drilled right down into what Wilde Performance wanted to offer: overcoming exhaustion.

These two changes resulted in a £13,000 rise in profit in just 3 days.

Wilde Performance was already turning over impressive figures: around £100,000 a year, with big-ticket packages from £2,500 to £5,000.

But Cliff and Marta are a stellar example of overcoming mindset barriers. They know that the only limits in the fitness industry are the ones we put on ourselves.

Now, just a few months later, they are working with their ideal avatar, and offering services from £5,000 to a top-end £70,000 package.

How Cliff & Marta Took ACTION

Cliff readily admits that his business has “fallen down a bit” whenever he’s followed a marketing strategy in the past. So what was different this time?

“We already had a good amount of clients,” said Cliff. “With Karen, we looked at targeting. It was a case niching down the message. One of the major things Karen helped us focus on was actively putting out more content, re-targetting, and making it more effective. She will show you how to take action on this – and keep you accountable!”

How Consistent Content Helped Double Wilde Performance’s Income

“Like a lot of fitness professionals, we suffered from feast and famine,” said Cliff. “There’s this perceived belief about busier and quieter months of the year. By the way, we now know that’s rubbish! With Karen’s help, we got really consistent with our content and messaging. That’s made us “top of mind” with our ideal clients. And it’s paid off.”

Wilde Performance are on track for their first £250K year, and have introduced high-ticket items which have transformed their business, their confidence, and the value they place on their time and expertise.

Fitness Profit Ladder As A Crucial Part Of The Puzzle

“Marta and I believe that everything comes in at the right time,” said Cliff. “There’s always a reason for someone showing up in your life. Karen brought the expertise and skills we needed to move forward. Without the targeting, the exposure, the chats about strategy, and her accountability, we wouldn’t have been able to grow into the next step.”

How Our VIP Group Can Help YOU

As a 1-2-1 client, Wilde Performance had access to our VIP Facebook group. Cliff is a big fan.

“It’s a great resource,” he said. “For a low-entry price, it gives you a truly vast amount of information. Everything is right there, you can take the steps to get your ideal client and build something awesome. But you have to be an action taker!” You can take a look at what he’s on about here >>>

Are You Ready To Do The Work?

We can all consume information. But successful people have the mindset and ability to apply it. And that’s Cliff’s advice. Yes, join our group. Yes, get access to the website, watch the videos, join the webinars, read the information we put out every day.


“Fitness Profit Ladder gives you all the information you need,” he said, “but what makes it different to other groups is the accountability. If you choose to apply the information in that group, you’ll get amazing results.”

What’s next for Wilde Performance? “We’re excited to step into the experiences opened up to us by our various mentors,” said Cliff. “Our client retreats are full, our mastermind programme is filling up fast, and we can only take on a couple more personal clients. That’s our numbers full for the year! The next set will be working on semi-passive income.

“The great thing is that we have now refined our niche, we know where to find our ideal clients, and we are confident in putting out consistent content which resonates with them.”

Ready to niche your message, target your audience, and discover the massive difference consistency will make to your business?

Join us and get access to all the resources Cliff and Marta had >>>