Can talking about boobs help you get more clients?

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Can talking about boobs help you get more clients

Yesterday on the webinar we talked about content marketing, storytelling and resonating with your audience.

We also talked about boobs, but maybe not enough, so let me expand.

One of our VIP members Joe had a brilliant email he published to his tribe about the difficulties ladies face whilst exercising. In particular he talked about chesticles, sports bras and a ‘near miss’ that one of his ladies had.

The story was compelling, true and really resonated with me. Boobs and exercise can be a difficult mix for many different reasons. As Joe pointed out anything that means you work against gravity will generally lead to lots of bouncing. Jumps, skipping, running all cause those lovely boobs to mess about.

But more than that there are certain machines, like the high row, which is a true bra breaker. Laying down to do a bench press when your PT is stood at your head end, gives them a delightful view too. Also worth considering are nipples, which seem to have a habit of popping out just when you don’t want them too.

All of this makes choosing the right sports bra a little challenging. Plus for a good one you can expect to pay around £50 which is a bit annoying when you only wear the dam thing for 3-4 hours per week!

And another thing about exercise and boobs; exercise can make them disappear, or at least get smaller and that’s not what anyone wants! I mean boobs are my best asset and I’m literally sweating my tits OFF! Bad times.

Why am I talking about boobs?

Because they matter to me! They may very well matter to your client too. This is what content marketing is all about, talking about what matters with your audience. It’s about connecting with what is really going on in their heads.

Here’s some things you can do to figure out what conversations they are actually having.

  1. Read their Facebook profiles, twitter feeds or Instagram pages. What are they sharing and commenting on? These are the things they care about.
  2. Pick up the magazines they read, even better look at the on-line version and see which articles are getting the most comments.
  3. LISTEN to the conversations they have with you, what are the themes that keep cropping up over and over again?

It’s all about actually getting to know people and what drives and motivates them. The barriers they have in their heads, the values that mean so much to them they will do anything to preserve them. Content marketing is about telling the story of what you stand for that allows people to connect with you on an emotional level.

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