Bjorn Dawson’s Fitness Profit Ladder Journey

Financial Advisor Turned PT Spots A Shrewd Investment….

PT Bjorn Dawson entered the industry from the banking world. When he joined Fitness Profit Ladder, it was because he knew it made solid business sense.

He tells us how Fitness Profit Ladder saved him from the loneliness of a new entrepreneur.

“Before I became a Personal Trainer, I worked for a multinational,” he says. “If you ever needed business help, it was just there. Then I took redundancy. Overnight, my weekend part-time PT job became my entire business.

“I remember waking up that Monday and thinking: OK, I’m self-employed now. It was overwhelming. And lonely!”

Bjorn Fitness Profit Ladder Journey

With a small daughter (and another baby on the way), he couldn’t afford to be slow off the mark. His fitness business had to work.

“I underestimated what it took to move from part-time PT to a full-time business,” Bjorn says. “You see so many adverts from mentors selling systems for online PT which will make you 6 figures. I thought that was what I wanted.”

When Access To Resources Just Isn’t Enough

“I spent 3 months wasting my time trying to set up online coaching,” he says. “I didn’t have anyone guiding my thought process. So I wasn’t focusing on what I now know is my core business. It was a struggle. The longer this went on, the more I started to panic and procrastinate. I was stressed, and started to lose belief in myself.”

Bjorn realised he was focusing on a dream he’d been sold. But online coaching, with its work/life promise, wasn’t actually what he wanted.

“I found myself wasting entire days,” he says. “But when I got out and met with face-to-face clients, I realised this was what I wanted to do! Make people happy, solve their problems. Why wasn’t I focusing on this?”

Online PT Might Not Be For You… And That’s OK!

By the time Bjorn realised that the online PT model wasn’t right for him, he had the support of Fitness Profit Ladder. We don’t encourage everyone to go online. We help people develop the best business model for them… whatever that might be. There’s more to PT than online coaching, as Bjorn has found out.

“Joining Fitness Profit Ladder helped me focus and actually drive my business forward,” he explains. “When you’re new to the industry, you risk spending too much time on one person’s ideas. I bounced from idea to idea, and joined a well-known mentoring group. I left, disillusioned. It was a lot of money for a library of resources and no support. Most mentors only give you one piece of the puzzle.”

Bjorn found our free Facebook group, and immediately found the support he needed.

“It was a busy group. Karen was on there a lot. She never just directed us to a resource. She – and the other experts – would type out detailed, actionable posts. This was tangible stuff! Joining Fitness Profit Ladder was a no brainer. I cancelled my membership to another mentoring group, and redirected the funds. I immediately saw that I’d be getting more value out of Profit Ladder – for less money.”

That was in January 2015.

In April 2015, Bjorn booked a 1-2-1 day with Karen. “I already knew how much information she gave on the Facebook group,” he says. “Having solo access to Karen for a whole day was going to be a worthwhile investment.”

A Mentor Who Really Cares

“Karen’s compassion makes her different in a world of marketing mentors,” says Bjorn. “Plenty of people will give you their time, but she gave her effort, too. It’s obvious that she cares about me and my business.”

Bjorn now had a :

  • 12 Month Social Media Plan
  • Full Business Plan

He knew what to do… every day of every week.

“I hit the ground running,” he says. “Finally, I had one direction for business. It was go go go!”

With a structured plan in place, Bjorn no longer has to think about what to do. It’s freed up time to concentrate on delivering the work. And he’s made the most of meeting local people.

Two Profit Ladder Lessons = One Priceless Meeting

“I’d watched a Fitness Profit Ladder webinar about LinkedIn,” he explains, “and Karen had encouraged me to network. I used my new LinkedIn knowledge to meet up with a local gym owner. He was opening a new facility, and I got in there early. We have struck up a partnership which is a massive boost to my business.”

He’d Never Go Back To Banking (But He Did Consider It!)

With baby number 2 on the way, and his wife on maternity leave, the pressure is on Bjorn to make a success of the business.
“If I hadn’t found Karen, the safety and security of a job could have lured me back to the corporate world,” says Bjorn.

But with Fitness Profit Ladder’s support, he has the systems and mindset in place. “I don’t need to reinvent the wheel,” he says, “I’ve got all the tools. There’s no need to discover some new business miracle builder system. I can just keep implementing the plan.”

If you want clarity, support, and guidance for your new fitness business venture, come and join Bjorn and 100+ other fitpros in the Fitness Profit Ladder.Karen Ruffle