Are you playing hide & seek with your customers?

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Are you playing hide & seek with your customers

You want a long term, stable relationship with your customer’s right? Training is a commitment they will have to get into their routine, their life and for a long time.

So to trust you they need to know that you’re going to stick around and that you’re not going to disappear off the face of the earth after one week of training.

To get them to trust you will be there you need to consistently be in their world. It’s of little value to pop up in someone’s newsfeed on a facebook ad and then for them never to hear from you again. It’s much more valuable to get to know where your customer is and to show up consistently in their life.


I’m picking the kids up from dance club; I see your poster.

I’m in the local butchers; I see your recipe cards.

I’m reading the school newsletter; I read your article on healthy eating for the family.

I’m on Facebook; I see your advert.

Do you think I will be more or less inclined to click that advert?

Figure out where your ideal customer hangs out, what they see, what they do, where they go then be there.

Build your brand locally, be visible and be consistent, make yourself a celebrity in your local area.

Remember the key to this working is brand consistency, they need to be able to tell it’s you in all these places!


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