Andy Priors Fitness Profit Ladder Journey

Discover Why Andy Who Had Run A Sales Business Had To Relearn Marketing For Fitness

Two years into ditching a career in sales to become a PT, Andy says business was “feast or famine”. He hadn’t expected the fitness industry to be such a challenge.

Find out the surprising things he learned once he focused on marketing.

Andy qualified as a PT in 2011 having previously run a company which generated £100million in lending. “I’ve been around the block,” he says. “I felt sure I could make a success of being a PT.”

And things weren’t bad. Out of 30 students on his PT course, Andy was one of three who made it past the first year mark. But he was so focused on the daily role of being a PT that he had no structures, and no stability.

“I was constantly scratching around for clients,” he says. “Honestly, I didn’t know what I was doing. And I was so disorganised! I spent most of my time fire-fighting.”

Andy came across our free Facebook group, and got stuck in straight away. “I’d found a group of people working together to target the same challenges,” he says. “The sense of community was great. But I needed more.”

Andy moved across to Profit Ladder VIP in 2015, and quickly signed up as a Life Member.

Changes Happened Quickly

“Moving from the free group to VIP made a huge difference,” he says. “In VIP, you get direct access to the experts, and lots more time with Karen. The group is lively, and you get a huge range of replies within minutes of posting a question.”

Regular phone calls with the Profit Ladder experts have transformed Andy’s outlook to business. “Karen always tells you exactly how it is. On the basis of one of those calls, I’ve booked three holidays this year. With new business systems in place, I have time for my family now.”

Finally Getting It Done With Daily Action

Soon after Andy joined, members of the VIP group set up partner accountability calls. “We’d set each other tasks to achieve, and then the next member would ring me two weeks later. It worked so well for me,” says Andy.

Is there a marketing job you’re been promising to do for months? Is it hanging over your head every day? Here’s what Andy achieved in those two-week blocks:

  • Automated Workouts
  • Importing newsletters onto his website
  • A/B testing Fitcamp adverts
  • Doing video every other day for a week
  • Redesigning his website
  • Designing two flyers

What His PT Course Didn’t Tell Him

Like most self-employed people, Andy has an entrepreneurial mind. He needs to see growth, or move on. Before he joined Profit Ladder, he admits that he was looking to move away from PT.

“That’s all changed,” he says. “I now have the clarity to focus on doing what I love. This is what I do. I’m not playing at it. I’ve niched myself and feel laser-guided in business. The group taught me to use my strengths and skillets, and not waste time juggling different things.”

He Was About To Throw In The Towel

Andy’s PT qualification did include business, sales, and marketing. But he recalls asking the tutors specific questions about how to market to the over-40s. “They couldn’t answer my questions,” he says. “It was all about how to target young people and sell body-transformation type PT.”

He found his answers when he joined Profit Ladder.
“I need to be able to talk to my audience in their language,” Andy says. “Karen makes you think about how you communicate with people. If you can do that, you have a huge competitive advantage. I no longer waste time on social media that my clients aren’t using.”

Why Profit Ladder, Why Now?

With so many marketing coaches out there, why did Andy choose to join us?
“I’d been following several fitpro marketing guys, but none of them resonated with me. I knew it had to be a good fit,” says Andy.
“As I looked at them all, I wanted to know “…but what have you actually done?” I’ve been around the block, I’ve set up and run businesses. I can smell BS a mile off, and a lot of what I saw out there just didn’t add up. Karen seemed credible. She walks the talk.”

Life, Business And Happiness

Andy now enjoys a regular, sustainable income thanks to the systems he’s put into place. He knows his standing order payments for PT and bootcamp come in on the 1st of every month.

“It’s a great feeling,” he explains. “I can focus all the energy I was wasting into pushing the business forward. Everything is systemised, which makes the pressure of growing a business positive and exciting.”
Andy now has the freedom to leverage his time, create residual income, and take more of his business online.

Don’t Take Andy’s Word For It!

The proof of Andy’s success isn’t just in his bank balance. It’s in the feedback from his wife, kids and young grandchildren.

“My wife always used to say that she only had me back for three days of a week’s holiday,” Andy recalls. “I’d be winding down, or getting stressed again. She knows now that I’ll be relaxed and present – every single day. Thanks to the group, I now have the confidence to say that everything I do is for family, including taking more time off, and enjoying holidays.”

The Surprising Bonus

Confidence. Instinct. Taking action. That’s what Andy has gained from Profit Ladder.

“More than anything, the group has shown me that I do actually know what I ‘m doing, I just need to do it! “ he says. “Doubt or procrastination was killing my business. That’s all changed.”

Fitness professionals already insist that their PT clients track, measure, and report. Are you doing that within your own business? It’s time to look at yourself as a business person first, and a PT second. “I now measure and track every matrix possible,” Andy says. “Why the hell wasn’t I doing this before I joined he group? I could have saved myself thousands of pounds!”

Does Andy’s story resonate with you? If you want to stop spinning your wheels, and learn about the daily action steps which will help you systemise your business so you can earn more, relax more, and be more confidence, get involved in Marketing Profit Ladder.