5 Email Marketing Must Dos

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Email Marketing Must Dos

Everyone keeps telling you about Email marketing.

Do you still have no idea where to start?

Or have you been emailing for a while but aren’t getting results you expected and don’t know why?

If these sound familiar, then keep reading!

Here are 5 simple ‘must dos’ when it comes to email marketing which will help you increase your ROI and make sure you get the most of or your list.

Your Subject Line

If your subject line is boring no one will open it.

It is said that the average person receives 147 emails per day.

I find that a little extreme but this is what Ryan Deiss of the Digital Marketer says and I‘m pretty sure they will have researched it!

So if people are getting 147 emails per day you need to make sure that your subject line stands out.

Your subject line dictates whether someone will open your email or not.

Pretty harsh I know.

You could have a million dollar cheque enclosed or the answer to all your clients problems, however they will never get to read it as the email subject hasn’t compelled them to do so.

Take Home Points:

Your email subject needs to be intriguing and compelling. You need to spend as much time on a subject line as you would a book headline. It is THAT important.

Keep the subject relevant and use either a negative sentence or statistics as they work well.

If you can make the subject line unique and urgent too, then you are on to winner!

Know your audience

There is no point discussing the politics of social media if that is something isn’t something your audience is interested in.

Remember why they joined your list in the first place. What enticed them to give you their email address and keep inline with that.

If you want to see if they are interested in another subject you can ask them. You can provide them with a link, which will segregate them on to a separate list.

Take Home Points:

Request feedback regularly.

This could be in the form or a simple email asking them “ If I could wave a magic wand and solve one problem for you, what would it be?”

You will be surprised on how many replies you receive. You can then use this for your content and even your programmes

You can also use surveys to get more information. If you want to develop a coaching programme this is a great place to start.

Ask your followers a range of questions; get them to answer what their biggest struggles are.

Put all the answers in a spreadsheet and rank them by characters. The people that have written more rank higher.

See what comes up regularly – give them topics. They could be nutrition, sleep, mindset and fat loss.

If these are the top 4 topics, which came up, you KNOW that if you develop a programme with these topics your followers will be interested.

Tell a story

Now I don’t mean tell them the story of Little Red Riding Hood….

But you could use it for inspiration if you wished.

People love stories.

Why do you think people love to read and watch movies all the time.

They are basically stories.

You can use a story to relate to your business.

If you choose a well know subject for your story you can really get people interested.

You might remember the blog I did about Shawshank Redemption, you can take a look HERE >>

Take Home Points

Use topical stories which people can relate to or they enjoy.

Many Personal Trainers used Deadpool or Super heroes in their recent campaigns and did very well out of them.

For instance ‘Do you want abs like Deadpool?’

There are several TV programmes that are very well know that you can use quite easily in your marketing

  • Game of Thrones
  • The Walking Dead
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • The Good Wife
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • Dexter
  • Friends
  • The Simpsons
  • Lost
  • House of Card

These are just a few off the top of my head.

Do you love any of these? Do you discuss any of these with your current clients?

Do you see them posting about them on Social Media?


What you can learn from The Walking Dead about nutrition?

Sick of feeling like a Walker with no brainpower

What do Mums and Walkers have in common?

Always use a Call to Action (CTA)

People are not mind readers.

They may sit and read all of your email and really enjoy it.

They wont then think, I really enjoyed that I am going to go and find their website and buy their stuff.

I mean yes, that would be lovely wouldn’t it?!

You need to tell them what to do next.

Give them an instruction.

Keep it simple. You don’t even have to sell to them.

These people are already on your list, so they like you.

You are there to build trust. A great way to build trust is to TALK to them.

So you could offer a call to help them. You know you can help them, get them on the phone and tell them the answers to their struggles.

Listen to them.

Don’t hold back. Then ask them.

Would you like me to help you do that?

Take Home Points

A CTA can be used in several ways

You can point the reader to other relevant information that they will find useful on said subject.

You can invite them into your Facebook Group.

You can send them to your website to see what services you offer.

Don’t always ask for the sale.

Give value.

People don’t like to be sold to, they like their problems solved.

Make it Mobile Friendly

If your email isn’t mobile friendly, chances are they wont get read.

With more that 60% of people opening their emails on their mobile it would be stupid to ignore it.

Over half your emails are opened from their mobile phone.

Users check their phones daily.

Some might say the smart phone is part of us. They are always within our hands grasps and are constantly being checked for something.

We rely so heavily on our phones it is scary.

So if your email isn’t easily read on the mobile then you need to rethink what provide you use.

Take Home Points

Most email software allows you to check what you emails look like before sending them out

Before you send it make sure it looks right on a mobile screen.

Be good old you!

If you try and send emails that are not true to you.

You will find it EXHAUSTING!

Give up trying to be someone else. Be you and it will come a lot easier.

Don’t be all corporate if you are not like that.

If you are not serious why let your emails come across like that.

If you are straight talking then your emails should be too.

Say if someone has been on your list for some time. They have built a relationship with this person via email.

Then they meet you in person and you are completely different.


Share what things that make you laugh.

Share things that annoy you and how you deal with it.

Be human.

Businesses have caught on to the fact the personality goes far, check out Mailchimp, Buffer and Pic Monkey.

They really add personally in all their messages which builds relationships with their followers.

Take Home Points

Before sending any email ask yourself this:

Does this sound like me?

Is it in line with my brand and my message?

Does it offer value to the reader?

Is it helpful?

If you have answered NO to any of these questions, then don’t send it.

Simple as that.

Just be yourself and talk about your passion and how you helps others.

Track Your Emails

How do you know whether your emails are doing well or not?

You track them!

You’ve got through all the trouble of getting people do join your list; you have then consistently emailed them to build a relationship with them.

And of course you have followed all the rules we have stated above right?

You want to check whether your efforts have been worth it!

You need to track the following:

Open rates – how many of your subscribers have been opening your emails?

Bounces – how many of your emails were undelivered?

CTR – How many people clicked through to your website or other CTA you offered?

Unsubscribes – How many people have decided they no longer find value in your emails?

Subscribers – How many people have opted in to receive your emails

You can then go one step further and track via Google Analytics to see how many people have visited your website via your email list.

Which campaigns have been most popular and what can you learn from the information.

Take Home Points

You might think that these numbers don’t really matter. However, they really really do.

Just like your weight loss clients want to see progress in their statistics so do you.

Track them on a monthly basis so you can see anywhere you need to focus on.

If your open rate has dropped, perhaps you need to take a look at your subject headings.

If your CTR has dropped then perhaps you need to work on your offering, or make the offering more relevant to the audience.

If you are getting lots of unsubscribes are you attracting and paying to be in front of the wrong audience?

What next?

Put into practice everything you have read above for one month and see if there is a difference in your statistics.

It is important that we keep on top of our game and never get complacent.

Emails are a powerful marketing tool, which should be used in conjunction with your social media and website

If you haven’t got an email list and are struggling for ideas to think of a compelling freebie check out this blog CLICK HERE

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