Example Copy For Sales Pages

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Example Copy for a sales page

Sean, our expert copywriter has written up and example sales page letter you can adapt and use to suit you. Could Your Meal Programme Be Costing You More Than Just A Dress Size? Does a gym or yoga session feel more like a chore rather than a treat…? When you’re at the office and the clock strikes 14:00, are you … Read More

Ethical Bribe Ideas To Capture Emails

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ETHICAL BRIBE LIST – In return for emails. Free Downloads you can make to advertise & grown lists. You will need an advertising budget, an avatar, a custom audience list, good advert copy, a squeeze page & email capture (mailchimp, aweber, infusionsoft) & some evergreen emails ready to go. 1. Top ten restaurant meals that won’t ruin your diet in … Read More

Group Interaction, Blog, Video, Email Ideas and Topics

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Group Interaction Blog Video Email Ideas and Topics

Been asked to get a list together of VIDEO, INTERACTION POSTS, BLOGS & EMAIL ideas – I got to 145…and then thought maybe you should do some work 1. Manic Monday – your plans for the week. Ask them to set their small goal. Check back on it. 2. Tempting Tuesday – a tasty mid-week treat, workout, cute idea 3. … Read More

Sales Letter Formula 12 Steps by David Frey

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Overcoming the Hurdles Leading to Buying Resistance Every person has some form of buying resistance. The objective of your sales letter should be to overcome your reader’s buying resistance while persuading them to take action. I liken writing a sales letter to running a steeplechase foot race. The first one to the finish line who has jumped over all the … Read More

Example Of A Deep Avatar

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Example of a Deep Avatar

Your deep avatar is an insight into your ideal customer.  Who they are, their needs, wants, fears and desires.  Having a deep avatar document like this one will allow you to craft compelling copy, create offers that inspire and make more sales. KS Project: Ken Avatar Name: Ken Age: 63 Location: San Diego, CA First time dealing with kidney stones: … Read More

Industry secrets – how fitpros should connect with industry media contacts

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Industry secrets how fitpros should connect with industry media contacts

by Nicola Joyce aka thefitwriter Ever wondered how people get their names, products and services in front of industry journalists and magazine editors? How fitpros can get in there with editors, journalists and bloggers? First of all, understand how the chain of command in the media industry works. There are in-house journalists (staff on magazines or newspapers). Their bosses are … Read More