10 Ways to Boost Your Business Confidence

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10 Ways to Boost your Business Confidence

Many business owners suffer with self-esteem issues when it comes to the running of their own business.

Running a business is full of up and downs from day to day. You can start your day on a complete high you are rejected by a prospect or you see them join someone else and your confidence plummets.

Here are our top ten tips to help you boost your business confidence when your mood is low:

1. Learn

This is ideal for 2 reasons, firstly it distracts you from feeling low and then it increases your confidence by learning something that makes you feel better about yourself and your business. You can learn in several ways, you can hire a mentor, watch a TED talk or webinar or even sign up to an industry membership site where they have all the latest information. (Like FPL!)

2. Be Positive

If you’re in a foul mood it’s going to reflect in your work. Even more so if you are dealing with clients directly. So make sure you learn to be optimistic and don’t have a pity party. No matter how close your client or how supportive a friend is, they don’t want to listen to you moan all the time – trust me! People that are positive are much more likely to be helped too!


Just Effin Do It! Actively push yourself to do things when you don’t want to. There is a book called ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway!’ this will help you see why this is such a great concept. If you think about it logically though, should we only did things when we felt like it or wanted to – not much would get done right?

4. Take Baby Steps

If something is getting you down or you are worrying about something, take one baby step to get you started. If something is overwhelming you, a big project, a presentation etc. just planning part of it or just getting something down on paper will help you feel more confident straight away. So just take one small step and go from there.

5. It’s all in the Prep!

If you are organised and prepared you feel more confident. Whether you just prepare key objectives for your next meeting or you write a brief outline for your social media marketing you will instantly feel more confident. You have the knowledge in your head, it’s getting it out on paper and putting it in some sort of order.

6. Remember Confidence is something you project

No one knows whether you are truly confident inside. They don’t know what is going on in your head or in your heart. When we have low self-esteem it’s usually something we feel and have to share with others. If you don’t share it and you project your confident self they will have no reason to think you are not confident. When others believe you are confident you start to believe it yourself.

7. Develop Assertiveness Techniques

This is a powerful technique which allows you to clearly communicate your message across, without being opinionated or argumentative. This means you seen as person of authority and boost your confidence as people will start to ask your opinion. When people ask your thoughts and opinions, it means they believe in you.

8. What sparks it?

Find out what sparks your crisis of confidence and you will be able to prevent or predict it happening. If you understand what is causing it, you will be able to rationally analyse and come up with the BEST case scenarios rather than the WORST ones. When receiving emails, messages always put think the person has sent it with their best intentions rather than their worst ones. It leads to unnecessary worry and self-doubt.

9. Celebrate the small stuff

We do small things every day that are worth celebrating. I have suggested the Happiness Jars so many times, but it really is useful. When you are having a rubbish day or feeling a bit sorry for yourself, you can open the jar and read through all the wins you have achieved and have probably forgotten about. This could be a simple compliment from a client or something you are proud of achieving. Just write it down and put it in the jar. SIMPLE!

10 Have a set goal

Last but certainly not least. If you know exactly where you are heading it will reduce your anxiety and overwhelm immediately. The idea is to be specific about your goals and targets so you know exactly what you need to do in order to achieve them.

A great way to do this is to pick a task you want to achieve. You then reverse engineer what you need to do from start to finish to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. This can be put together as a time plan, remember to give yourself some extra buffer days and you will be able to say concisely how long it will take you to achieve your goal.

All the tips are simple but very effective. Don’t get me wrong I still have days where I want to throw in the towel, however I have worked too hard and long to give up and it is part of the journey.

Just like weight loss, you have to plan your milestones and put small goals in place to achieve. Yes it will be hard work but nothing worth having comes easy right?

So I want you to get out of your own way, instead of feeling low or wanting someone else to help you – first help yourself.

You have 10 ways to boost your confidence within your business here, so make sure you use them.

Comment below with which technique you are going to try first.

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