1-2-1 Day With Karen Ruffle

Need a clear plan of what to do & when to grow your business quickly.

Join Karen on a 1-2-1 day in Lincoln, U.K. & walk away with a detailed marketing & social media plan.

This is a long intensive day & not for wimps.

Here’s what Bjorn says:

“Word! If you are feeling lost, overwhelmed, never know quite what you should be doing or if what you’re doing is moving you forward then you NEED a 1-2-1 day.

The website info is all killer but it’s only good if you use it. A 1-2-1 day is the best way to do that.

Karen will help you pick out the stuff that’s relevant to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

I guarantee you will not leave that day until you are both absolutely sure that you will hit the ground running with total clarity”

Yes I NEED A 1-2-1 Day With Karen

Priced At Just £500

Book My 1-2-1 Day!