You’re Passionate About Growing Your Business.
Nobody Gets Into The Fitness Industry To Be Mediocre.

But you know what’s crucial to growing a successful and thriving fitness business, don’t you?

Marketing For Free
Winning The Sale
Creating Awesome Products

Copy And Email
Facebook Advertising Explained
Content Is King
  • You will become a member of a dedicated website for business and marketing for start-up business, entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • 3 on-point marketing tutorials (video) each and every month
  • Planning tools and templates to help you manage your time better
  • Marketing swipe files which cover – FB ads, Squeeze/Sales pages, Email funnels and Social media analysis (you will get new ones each month, just because we like to over deliver)
  • Repurposing content infographic and targeted content hack sheet
  • Your own dedicated forum for group support, Q and A sessions and live webinars
  • VIP Closed Facebook group
  • Access to download our most popular FAQ to learn from
  • Download our future schedule for upcoming Webinars

There’s Just One Problem.

You’re not a marketing professional with years of experience launching successful businesses and helping them thrive.

But you need to master all this stuff if you want to make money without burning out.
Ready to breathe a sigh of relief?
There IS a way to get expert marketing education without using your entire budget.

Fitness Profit Ladder Is Excited To Offer Our ENTIRE Library Of Marketing Resources To You For A Single One-Off Payment Of £197 NOW £97.

What Marketing Resources Are These?

Everything we’ve ever written, produced, and recorded for our fit pro members.
Previously only available to members of the Fitness Profit Ladder marketing group.
But we’re opening the library up to non-members.
This stuff is too useful to keep under wraps.
Just click

Instant Access!

and instantly access our entire library.
It’s yours for life.

What Am I About To Invest In?

We’ve got short, clear tutorials on marketing, sales, closing, mindset, lead generation, retention, advertising, social media, Facebook adverts, copywriting

And All Of This

  • Starter Guides (because there are no stupid questions in business)
  • Planning Tools & Templates (manage your time better and smash procrastination
  • 101 Intro “How To” Lessons
  • Templates (real-life examples you can use – go ahead!)
  • Hack Sheets (including repurposing content infographic and targeted content)
  • Marketing Video Tutorials
  • Swipe Files (locked and loaded for FB ads, squeeze/sales pages, email funnels and social media)
  • Our Most Popular Q&As

Plus (There’s More!)

  • Social Media Training

    – designed to get the complete beginner started (yes that includes you complete technotards)

  • Ultimate Sales Training

    – our proven sales and leads training (watch, learn, action – simple!)

  • Write Compelling Copy

    – learn how to write copy that has you turning away customers (you’ll be THAT busy)

  • Emails Done For You

    – roll out our tried and tested, done for you evergreen email sequence (we couldn’t make it easier!)

  • Expert Status Blueprint

    – elevate yourself above the competition (if you’re not annoying your competition you should be!)

“Everything we’ve got. It’s yours, for just £197 NOW £97. No up sell, no add on’s.
Just one payment to unlock our ultimate resource library.”

Why Invest In This Library Of Marketing Resources?

  • Don’t spend any more money on marketing books you won’t read
  • No more hours Googling for answers to your questions
  • An immediate, go-to resource you can trust for clear answers
  • Written and developed by experts in marketing, sales, copywriting, social media
  • Designed specifically for fitpros and fitness businesses (no generic marketing BS)
  • Answers your real-life questions with no-nonsense clarity

Save Time And Money. Minimise Stress And Worry.
Get It Done.

Who Is Behind The Fitness Profit Ladder Resource Library?

FPL are a league of qualified experts who help fitpros overcome procrastination, and overwhelm.

Karen Nadkarni Ruffle

About Karen

Karen Ruffle is the Founder of Fitness Profit Ladder, the expert marketing group that helps fit pros with business growth using common sense strategies and tactics. Unlike many marketing mentors, Karen has Chartered Institute of Marketing Qualifications and a background in successfully building her own on-line business. She is the ultimate problem solver and action taking entrepreneur. She has set up a straight-talking, fun loving marketing society comprising of sales, copy, media and systems experts who specialise in start-ups, small business and solo entrepreneurship. And now all the resources that group has generated are yours.

Want A Day Of 1-2-1 Mentoring, Strategy, Troubleshooting And Focus?

If you think 1-2-1 coaching with a respected fitness industry marketing mentor has to cost the earth, think again. In fact, that’s one of the things Karen despises about this industry. When she opened up space in her diary to sit down with fitness business owners, she priced it as reasonably as possible. It’s not thousands of pounds. It’s not even £1000! A full day of 1-2-1 marketing consultancy, advice, and coaching with Karen is just £500. Interested?

Get In Touch!

and Karen will tell you what you can expect.
P.S. Your £500 gets you unlimited lifetime access to the entire Fitness Profit Ladder marketing library, too.
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These Fit Pros Spent 1-2-1 Time With Karen… And This Happened.

“I could feel myself getting flustered with all the advice and opinions out there. The appointment with Karen has given me proper focus again. Get back to your one thing…”Jo Asplin
“Thanks Karen for giving me my balls back…after a firm kicking. Some great advice and strategies which I’ll be starting as of now.”Joe Williams
“Our best ever single day in business. I added it up wrong – it’s actually 13k.” Cliff Wilde
“Just back from my meeting with Karen and had a quick glance at FB messages. Sold an online 6 week plan at 127. The woman is magic.”Jill Huskisson
“Great strategy day with Karen. Re-guided my thoughts after veering down the wrong track. Karen’s experience and confidence in marketing is very reassuring.”Matt Jarrard
“Big thanks. I was lucky enough to have a meeting yesterday. I think it’s really rare that someone totally gets your business. But when they go on to produce strategies and ideas I could never have done myself it is priceless.”Alex Pearson
“Karen is the nuts. Really grafts and gets your arse in gear.”Tony Cottenden
“I was a new PT straight into a large gym. Karen talked me through one tactic to help me overcome talking to gym members. I got 5 clients within 2 weeks of starting my new job.”Ellis Roberts
“I had a strategy meeting with Karen yesterday. Really helped me get some clarity and loads of new ideas. What are you waiting for?”David Scobie
“7 submissions and I have only just left our meeting. I just wanted to say thank-you but I don’t think words can do it justice. You f***king rock!” Bjorn Dawson

How Will This Library Help My Business?

The obvious answer is that you’ll learn exactly how to do all those confusing, overwhelming sales, marketing, copywriting and social media jobs. But it’s much more than that.

  • You won’t be chasing your ass not knowing where your business is heading (you’ll know exactly what you need to do and when to do it !!)
  • You won’t be working from stupid o’ clock in the morning to the witching hour for pocket change!
  • You won’t be buried under a pile of guru BS that you had to sell your soul to get
  • You will be so de-stressed you will ‘OMM’ – a lot – and see unicorns and rainbows everywhere (you’ll become a very annoyingly successful douche that all your competitors despise)
  • You will save tonnes of time by having access to a jam packed expert website at your fingertips (no more wasting time posing in loads of Facebook groups and searching on Google)

Don’t Take Our Word For It.



Here’s What Fitness Professionals Say About Fitness Profit Ladder’s Resource Library

“The content and posts you are putting out are going to destroy other mentor groups…”Ben Knight
“I’ve just completed the Facebook Remarketing Made Easy training and it just proves how little I know about marketing. I have a lot to learn. Thank-you for putting everything on one great website.”Joe Smith
“Brilliant ideas and marketing tips which I’m looking forward to implementing over the next few weeks.”Peter Marsden
“I’ve gone from under 150 members to nearly 200 and turnover has passed 100k a year.”Steve Dennis
“Thank-you for such incredible authentic resources, Karen. I wish you continued success. You’re a rare type in this often fake industry.”Vicki Ede
“Just watching my first webinar and loving the no B/S, anti-guru, no whimsical 6-figure rubbish. Keep up the great work. Definitely taking notes on the webinars.”Chris Doel
“Beyond amazing. I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t what I got. I love it. I can’t believe how much value it adds to my business. Just when I was feeling like I was beginning to burn out, I found this little GEM.”Padraic McDonagh
“Really recommend this guys! I’ve got a complete new business happening.”Sarah Hogan

What Others Have To Say!

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